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  • Hey, speaking of 8860's and red lights...

    I've got an 88601U and it's working just fine. What happens after it reaches it's end of life date on 01-30-2021?


    Generally, I guess the question I should ask is, what happens with support stuff after end of life dates? Has that been discussed here before? I did a quick forum search and couldn't find anything after the first couple pages of results.


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    I split your topic off, this is it's own thread.

    EOL, just means we no longer test the hardware at Netgate with pfSense. You should look at replacing the older unit as soon as you can.

    Keep in mind the SG-8860 was first introduced in 2015, we will be supporting it for some time (2021).

  • @chrismacmahon said in EOL hardware:

    You should look at replacing the older unit as soon as you can.

    I would love to support the project, and have in the past, but in my opinion you don't make anything comparable to the 4860 or 8860 these days. I'm talking 1U rack mount, with separate interfaces that are stupid simple to configure, not the switch based units like the 7100.

    If the 5100 were rack mount, or something comparable to the interface options on the 5100, I would have a good replacement option, like I said, in my opinion.


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    XG-1537 ?


  • @akuma1x said in EOL hardware:

    If the 5100 were rack mount, ...

    You can always either add rack ears to the sides or put it on a 1RU shelf.

    Netgate uses Silicom (formerly ADI) as OEM for a lot of their devices.
    Maybe we will see the uCPE Madrid in a Netgate branding sometime? That's pretty much what you requested - but I have no idea how many others would want this and what the future plans from Netgate are. Probably more ARM centric, porting pfSense to that platform (e.g. investing $$) wouldn't make much sense otherwise.

    On the other hand, configuring the Marvel switch inside the XG-7100 1U isn't that complicated either.

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    The 5100 is passively cooled so probably not an ideal fit for rack mounting. Though that depends entirely on your environment (ambient cabinet temperature, airflow, etc)

    We are always working on new models so even if you don't like what we're offering at the moment, that will likely change before that EOL date comes around.

  • oops, sorry, the uCPE Madrid has ports "via C3000 through Marvell 88E1543" as well, which means: a switch.
    Sometimes reading a whole line and understanding it really helps. šŸ¤¦

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    @jahonix said in EOL hardware:

    Marvell 88E1543

    That's just a PHY as far as I know, not a switch. The C3K SoC has 4 NICs built in and they are using an i350 for the other 4 looking at the specs.


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