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    I'm building a machine to use as a pfSense firewall and I need to connect it to a single mode fiber (LX). As such, i'm looking for some nic's with SFP cages that will allow any optics to be used. Ideally 2 or 4 ports. Turns out, it seems quite difficult to find those, so I was wondering if i can use a SFP+ NIC with SFP optics and if anybody has any experience with NICs that will work on pfsense with SFP optics and 2 ports. Btw, it needs to be pci-e.


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    Intel NICs are still the first choice here. The Chelsio cards also work well though if you don't need 10G they are probably overkill.


  • SFP modules should generally work on SFP+ cards (and just operate at 1Gbit speeds), but I'm sure there are some exceptions out there (e.g. SFP+ cards that only support 10Gbit and not 1/10Gbit). I'd take a look around first and see if you can find a good SFP card (though there is a decent chance it will be used, e.g. check out Ebay). If not, consider just getting a SFP+ card and using SFP modules (there should be more availability and ability to buy new if you want). As @stephenw10 already mentioned, both Intel and Chelsio cards work very well with FreeBSD (and hence pfSense).

    Hope this helps.

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