Sangoma or other hosted PBX feedback?

  • Looking to move beyond our current on premises ~20 phone Shoretel 14.2 deployment. Looking at MiTel Connect and Sangoma. Any others to look at? Does anyone have feedback to share about the hosted Sangoma solution?

    The MiTel product seems a bit pricey and overly complicates what we currently do with our workgroups (MiTel requires a full blown call center software roll out whereas we now get by using Workgroups in ST 14.2).

    Should be checking out others? Avaya/Cisco or other hosted providers? Would prefer to stay with a phone hardware manufacturer and away from TWC/Spectrum, 8x8, etc. Appreciate any insights.

  • LAYER 8 Moderator

    Are you thinking about VoIP phones or complete set with PBX? We run a FreePBX/Sangoma with Grandstream phones and most of the times quite well ;)

  • Just VoIP phones, ideally no on premises equipment.

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