• Greetings, hopefully someone can help me because I have pfsense with the proxy modules, proxy-ssl, blacklist, dns-resolver; likewise the proxy-ssl certificate was created; The navigation and filtering and well with the exception that only is being blocked. Create an exclusion in squiguard, place the ip of in the section "Squid - ACL - Whitelist, Unrestricted IPs" and also in "Proxy Transparent - Bypass Proxy for these target IPs" but without results Blocking only occurs in one or two teams at random.

    Now when you check the squadron records and show the next hour

    While in the squid I got another type of time

    But the system is configured with the correct time, likewise when navigating to this page the following error is shown:
    03.png 04.png

    Someone could tell me that this is due and how I could solve it.

  • This post is deleted!

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