Mobile Clients not sending all traffic via VPN

  • Hi,

    On PFSense 2.4.4-RELEASE-p2 (Latest) and have an IPSec Mobile Client VPN configured. Has been working fine for some time, until today when the user tried to access a new resource. We have an internal webpage hosted via which the user remotely tried to access via the VPN in Windows 10. Instead the user ended up on the router login page at their remote location as they obviously have a router on

    To prevent this from happening i want all traffic to go via the VPN. Apparently the setting required is that the Phase 2 Entry should be set to
    Mode: Tunnel IPv4
    Local Network: / 0

    This was already set up like this and yet the issue occurs. The PC also has Use default gateway on remote network enabled under the VPN connection IPv4 Advanced properties.

    What else should i be looking for?

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