Troubleshooting issues with Telegraf package?

  • Hi,

    I have a Netgate XG-7100 running 2.4.4-p2.

    I've installed the official Telegraf package, and put in my Telegraf IP address, username and password.

    I then restarted the pfSense device.

    On restart, I checked /var/log/telegraf.log - it contains a single line:

    daemon: process already running, pid: 74273

    However, no data appears to be written out yet to the target InfluxDB database.

    Any tips on how to troubleshoot it further?

  • Aha - I found the issue. I should have read the on-screen help text =).

    In the InfluxDB server field, you need to put the full protocol and port number - you can't just put the IP address (even if it's using the default InfluxDB port).

    That being said - still curious how to debug this - /var/log/telegraf.log still only has a single line. Not sure why nothing is being logged?

    daemon: process already running, pid: 74273

  • I found one troubleshooting tip based on an earlier post:

    From CLI on the pfSense box, you can run:

    /usr/local/bin/telegraf -config=/usr/local/etc/telegraf.conf --test

    For example:

    [2.4.4-RELEASE][admin@ang-router.localdomain]/root: /usr/local/bin/telegraf -config=/usr/local/etc/telegraf.conf --test
    2019/04/05 04:30:08 E! Error parsing /usr/local/etc/telegraf.conf, line 41: field corresponding to `arguments' is not defined in `*ping.Ping'

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