Slow Network - Alternating ping times

  • I have recently installed a pfsense firewall for the first time. It has been great - no complaints. I upgraded from an endian firewall because of the lack of features and the pfsense has been able to do everything i needed. Our ISP gives 6 IPS which i have mapped as virtual IPS and i have created 2 VLANS. Everything was working great until yesterday when i started to notice slow network traffic. From my server when i try to ping the firewall the response times range from <1ms to 4ms. From my second vlan (which is on a VM server) when i try to ping the firewall about 25% of the packets get dropped. We use an old cisco catalyst 10/100 switch and i figured that might be the problem . So i replaced it with another switch i had and still had the same issue. I dont think its a cabling issue because we have had no problem until now and nothing has changed. I also checked to see if there was a virus on the network disrupting traffic, but no such luck. The last thing i can figure it would be is the pfsense but i cant seem to find anything that would effect lan traffic. I thought it may be a problem with traffic shaping so i disabled it and still the same result. I have tried everything i can think of and still cant get it working so now i turn to the good people on the pfsense forum!  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated

    Thanks Alot!

  • Right now the only thing I can think of is the length of your cable from pfsense and the switch. Sometimes a longer cable will fix the issue.

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