Migration of pfSense and DNS issue

  • I have migrated my old pfSense 2.2 to a new 2.4. Quite on the same hardware (Alix).
    For that, I installed the new one with a fresh install, I exported the old configuration (Backup) and imported it on the new (Restore). I reassigned the interfaces to the good one and the new firewall is connected to the net. At this exact point, I have excatly the same rules on the old and the new.
    All seems fine on the new one, except I do not have any connection between inside and outside.
    After some tests, I realised the issue could be in the DNS names' resolution.
    If I ping from inside, it is fine. Ping responds. But if I do ping www.google.com, I do not have any response : «From _gateway ( icmp_seq=776 Destination Host Unreachable»

    If I try the same thing from the diagnostics/Traceroute, I have the resolution from WAN, but not from localhost or LAN.

    Do you know what could be wrong or how to find where it is wrong ?

    Many thanks.

  • OK, here some updates :
    The DNS is OK. ping www.google.ch or fr.wikipedia.org resolves the name, but the IP address is unreachable.
    But IPv6 address seems OK from LAN (but not from localhost). I changed the DNS servers (to be sure), but nothing changed.
    I disabled the firewall (pfctl -d), nothing works, as expected.

    I do not see any rules which could explain why IPv6 works and IPv4 does not.
    Any idea ?

  • Problem solved : It was the default gateway for IPv4. It was using the IPv6 gateway.
    I think the new version applies a more strict policy.

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