Broadcom NIC fails to connect -Dell 210 ii

  • I'm trying to set up a Dell 210 ii with 2port onboard Broadcom NIC. (Plus x4 intel NIC which is ok) They are recognized and given ip adress by dhcp server but wont connect to anything (laptop I'm using to setup)
    I know there are problems with non intel nics but since these are recognized by pfsense (latest stable) and given an address by it, why does it not get accepted by the PC set to dhcp for connection (Linux mint) connection instead of just churning on getting ip address.
    Any ideas?

  • Hi - I think I need a little more clarification on your setup before I can offer some suggestions:

    1. What model Broadcom NIC is in the Dell 210 ii?
    2. Can you clarify how you have things configured / physically connected:

    2a. Are the Broadcom NIC's configured as WAN or LAN interfaces? Public or Private IP?
    2b. Are the Broadcom NIC's configured to receive an IP from a DHCP server or did you configure them with a static IP?
    2c. Are the Broadcom NIC's (interfaces) configured to handout IP's addresses (i.e you have the DCHP server enabled on them)?
    2d. Is the laptop supposed be receiving its IP address from one of the Broadom NIC's interfaces? Are the laptop and the Broadcom NIC interfaces on the same subnet? Keep in mind that during initial setup there are no rules created by default on any additional interfaces (OPTx) you create beyond WAN and LAN.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    The dam thing decided to work…..
    After rebooting a few times to look to see what the NIC type was they are both working or at least connecting to the pfsense pages ! With nothing changed in any settings!

    For reference….

    Not config for LAN or WAN – those are on the intel nic and work ok

    Broadcom NIC is Extreme ii BCM57167C

    Set as 2 interfaces – on bce0 and bce1
    Both interfaces set static ip and with 50 range addresses set in DHCP server
    identified as such on dashboard
    DHCP server enabled

    It seems that the Broadcom NIC Extreme ii BCM57167C will work in pfsense

  • Netgate Administrator

    If the client gets an IP address via dhcp but can't make any connections otherwise it's almost always because there's no firewall rule on the interface to allow it. So either there simply are no rules (the default) or the rules haven't been applied or less likely they cannot be applied for some reason.

    If you rebooted and it started working they probably just hadn't been applied.


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