DNS RESOLVER + PfBlockerNG for all the interfaces

  • Hello,

    I'm new to this world of network and now I'm having an issue with I think is DNS Resolver.

    First of all I will explain my setup:

    ISP -WAN- Pfsense - LAN - all hosts
    - NordVPN Client - 1st rule to aliases group (some hosts with NordVPN gateway)
    - OpenVPN server
    - DMZ - one host (different subnet)

    What I want is to all of this interfaces pass through pfblockerNG and to resolve Quad9 DNS server

    This is my DNS Resolver 1st page (tell me if you need to see other settings):


    Rules - LAN:



    General setup:

    Can you help me to find what is wrong?
    When I do a leaktest from an host without VPN gateway I got Google DNS, with gateway is with the VPN DNS.
    when in the Openserver (pfsense server) dns from my 4G ISP.

    Thank you for your help

  • Netgate Administrator

    You don't have Google DNS defined anywhere there so that client may be using it directly.

    You should add a firewall rule above the VPN gateway rule to allow client to reach the pfSense LAN IP on port 53 to access Unbound.

    The OpenVPN server can be configured to hand a DNS server to the clients. It should probably be the local tunnel IP so that they use Unbound.


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