bind and squid transparent mode resolve issues(BUG?)

  • Hi.

    I have been having issues with squid transparent mode and Bind.

    I setup bind using forwarders on and off.

    The most notable issue is google sites ☹ :

    This site can’t provide a secure connection sent an invalid response.
    Try running Windows Network Diagnostics.

    But this message start appearing on different sites like, ebay, amazon.

    If I use pf resolver no problem, just went I use Bind, firefox, chrome, iexplore same issue, looks is not client side issue.

    If I test inside windows box with nslookup tool it resolve all those domains without issues.

    Anyone with the same situation and how to resolve?

    Running pfsense 2.4.4_p2, thanks. ☺

  • I had been checking this issue.

    For some reason once I enable and setup BIND, the file:


    and add the line:


    squid resolver start working.

    Don't know why that line disappear, I chose LAN+localhost in the BIND GUI.

    The other way is to add the localhost in squid alternate dns "" and works to.


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