DNS Failing through VPN WAN

  • Hello,

    I am having an interesting problem that just started last evening. I can't resolve any non-local addresses using the DNS resolver(unbound) ONLY if I set the outgoing network to my Mullvad VPN. It appears that all my requests timeout. If I then set my outgoing network on unbound to my typical WAN I have no issues. It does appear that unbound is caching properly, however any non cached addresses fail on the VPN WAN.

    I am really inexperienced with DNS and therefore am having trouble deciphering unbound's logs. What kind of things can I do to troubleshoot this issue? What should I look for in the logs to differentiate between a failed and successful DNS request? Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • I think I may have narrowed it down a little as it does not appear to be an issue withe the actual VPN service. If I use DIG on a root server.

    dig @a.root-servers.net cnn.com 

    I get a valid response.

    However, if I use unbound at its local address

    dig @ cnn.com

    I get a SERVFAIL response. Any thoughts?

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