IPv6 Address to choose for Domain Controllers

  • Hi,
    I would like to know what IPv6 addresses I should choose for my small AD network with two domain controllers and some 50 computers in a single subnet/single domain. Should I go for Global IP addresses or Unique Local? I have been looking for Best practices documents for this. Right now I use both ipv4 and ipv6. This gives the domain controllers global addresses. The gateway is a link local address and I guess that is ok. For the domain controllers I also use stateless dhcp with the nd other-config-flag set for my dns server. The dns server address I use is a link local address.
    What are the recommendations in a scenario like this?
    I would like to use static ip:s because I guess that is what we have to have when one day we disable ipv4. But, should I use global ipv6 addresses or unique local?
    Greeetings Mikael

  • @mikael-ljung-mikeonline-se

    You can use either. The advantage with ULA is they are always there, even if there are problems with the GUA. And yes, link local addresses are often used for the gateway.

  • @mikael-ljung-mikeonline-se
    I think best practice is to use GUA for everything. If you have a broken ISP that changes the prefix then ULA is a way to work around that.

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