Customizing bandwidthd

  • Hi,
    im using pfsense 1.2.2 and want to customize the types of traffic that bandwidthd graphs. I have found that there are no options in the config file, so i looked to the source. It seems pretty easy to change, however i didnt install the dev version of pfsense. So:

    1. Can i install gcc or whatever i need onto the regular release? (I have a 40Gb hdd for pfsense).
    2. If not, can i save my config in the normal version and restore it onto the dev version without a hassle?
    3. If yes, are there any drawbacks of using the dev version?


  • No, you cannot install GCC on a normal pfSense release, nor should you run a full build environment on a firewall.  Review computer security best practices for a detailed explanation as to why.

    Yes, you can restore a config from a normal pfSense release to a dev version.

    No, you should not run a dev version in production.  See the same answer I gave for your first question as to why.

  • Thanks,
    but i could run the dev version inside vmware, do whatever i need to do and copy the binary to the firewall right?

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