Selective routing?

  • I have setup my router with baseline setup. It works great. But in his setup he uses “selective routing” its setup via a alias and then it will be used in the firewall for vpn.

    Who can explane me how this actualy works, whats the mecanisme behind this. The 3the firewall rule has the selective routing, but the 4the rule uses the vpn_out gateway



  • Basically, he is setting up a configuration where most traffic goes through the VPN gateway, but some traffic (SELECTIVE_ROUTING destination IPs) goes out the default WAN.

  • Now is see it. I just need to add the ip's that needs to go to the wan. This gives me an idea. Thx

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Search for "policy routing" instead of "selective routing" and you will probably get more pertinent search results.

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