PPPOE modem access

  • Hi, would it be possible to add a field to set the local IP address subnet of the modem for PPPOE interfaces ?

    Without this it is not possible to access the modem interface, this is very usefull to monitor statistics or setup advanced parameters for the DSL physical link (on some modems it is possible to setup the noise margin).

    I tried to use a forum trick, adding manually another static interface on the same physical interface, with a specific NAT rule for it, but this seem to not work on 2.0 alpha alpha.

    Adding a field to enter an ip address for the interface in the subnet of the modem local ip address would be really nice.

    With openwrt i had to add this in the custom user startup script :

    ifconfig vlan1 netmask
    iptables -A FORWARD -d -j ACCEPT
    iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -d -j MASQUERADE



  • Hi,

    Try this:

    In the shell or "Diagnostics / Command"

    = vr0 interface connected to the modem
    Ip address = to pfsense on the same track in modem

    ifconfig vr0 alias netmask

    Now in firewall / Rules create a rule to Lan

    • * * *  - Default LAN -> Modem

    Which says that any packet of any protocol from the network (LAN) to the ip (ip modem) will have access.

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