Time-Out on LAN only

  • Upgraded to

    Since then I am getting time-outs when
    connecting to servers on the LAN.

    The WAN is fine, ie websites can be seen and work perfectly
    on the internet.

    I can connect no problem on the LAN,
    the connection just time-out after about 5 to 10 seconds.

    Any ideas?

    All worked perfectly on my previous

    Everything in the NAT looks good.

  • How is your network setup? Maybe draw a diagram to help us understand it.

    I’m asking because with traffic in a single LAN subnet, pfsense isn’t involved in routing anything in any way. The network traffic between LAN devices doesn’t hit the firewall.

    So, how’s your network setup?


  • Thank you for the reply. We got it working on LAN only for now ( we disabled the NAT rule). Will reply again, once server working on both LAN and WAN.

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