Netgate SG-3100 switch LEDs

  • Is it possible to disable the green LEDs that are adjacent to each RJ45 port on the back?

  • Netgate Administrator

    The switch chip does have configurable LED registers but there is no code to do that in pfSense.

    Are they just too bright in the location you have the unit?


  • Yes, too bright (a client has one in a bedroom). And with cables plugged in there's not a good way to cover them without covering the whole unit (like with a towel, but then we have overheating concerns). Would be great if there was a way to configure these as well as the LEDs on the front in the GUI, even if the only option was "disable LEDs".

  • Netgate Administrator

    It is possible to disable the front LEDs if you need to. Though it's a bit hacky currently.

    You can disable the main LED with: gpioctl 2 0.

    If you need that to be set after reboot you can set it using a shellcmd but you need to the afterfilterreload type as the regular types are run before the system sets it to slow flash blue.
    You can also use a cronjob set to run regularly. You need to use the full path for either of those:
    /usr/sbin/gpioctl 2 0.


  • Thanks Stephen, I will look at getting this into a cron job.

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