Set limit for each user to, say, 1 Mbit/s ??

  • Hi,

    Does it exist a reliable way in pfsense to set a max bandwidth for each user (or ip)?

    We have 150 students sharing a 20Mbit/s line (not all simutaneously).  What do you suggest as pfsense measures to distribute this available bandwidth evenly between these students?

    Thanks for comments and tips



  • 2.0!

  • I assume that 2.0 isn't ready to be set into a production environment yet.  Any timeframe for that…?

    Btw which feature in 2.0 would be appropriate?

    Doesn't the current stable version have features which might help us partly to our goal?



  • 2.0 it is on Traffic shaper -> Limiter

    1.2+ you can define queues for every user and set their upperlimit m2 to the limit you need.
    It should work but there is a limit on how many queues you can create which hasn't been bumped yet iirc 64.

  • You can also use squid in transparent mode, and throttle all traffic (download limit per client) , that's in Services > Proxy server > Traffic management.

  • yes, it works in http download
    but not for ftp download, or am i missing here …
    i would like to know how to limit ftp download as like limit http download


  • Some says it works in 2.0 . But when i access the webgui, it takes 2 to 3 minutes to access the gui :(

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  • Serangku - and also if use wil use ssh and ftp inside of ssh how can you limit their download/upload?

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