XG7100-1U Multiple WAN with 1 to 1 Mapping to Multiple LAN

  • I have an XG7100-1U and @stephenw10 was nice enough to help me get going with a break-out of the interfaces for individual use on multiple WAN's and multiple LAN's. I set up all the filtering and tunnels needed but it occurred to me that I will need for certain LAN's to go out over specific WAN's.

    Here is my configuration of the Ethernet Interfaces:

    Interfaces / VLANs
    Interface VLAN tag Description Usage
    lagg0 4081 Eth1 WAN-1
    lagg0 4082 Eth2 LAN-1
    lagg0 4083 Eth3 WAN-2
    lagg0 4084 Eth4 WAN-3
    lagg0 4087 Eth7 LAN-2
    lagg0 4088 Eth8 LAN-3

    Interfaces / Switch / System
    VLAN group VLAN tag Members Description
    0 1 Default System VLAN
    1 4081 1,9t,10t Eth1
    2 4082 2,9t,10t Eth2
    3 4083 3,9t,10t Eth3
    4 4084 4,9t,10t Eth4
    7 4087 7,9t,10t Eth7
    8 4088 8,9t,10t Eth8

    What I need is to ensure that the LAN's can only use their corresponding WAN's for inbound/outbound traffic, for example, LAN-1 can only send/receive over WAN-1, LAN-2 to WAN-2 and so on. Each WAN is from a different provider so basically 3 different organizational units within the building on 3 different networks and 3 different providers.

    I have tried creating firewall rules however it does not manage the routing portion so that was not working. I tried Manual NAT but apparently that was not correct either (unless I am really doing something wrong which is entirely possible).

    Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks.

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