(Solved) Unblock Specific Website

  • I'm having trouble trying to find the cause of a specific website being blocked.

    I'm able to do a DNS lookup.

    and also ping

    This is the error I receive in Chrome. I've also tried other browsers.

    I also haven't found that IP address in firewall or pfblocker logs. I even tried adding that hostname in the pfblocker whitelist.

    Any ideas or suggestions?

  • @angdigi said in Unblock Specific Website:


    The first two tests are run from pfSense. To make this test 'logic', run the third test (Chrome) also on pfSense.
    You would probably say : I can't ... correct, me neither.
    So, run the nslookup and ping test from your device - as Chrome.
    Then report back.

    Btw : Chrome clearly states : URL not resolved.
    Who is the DNS of your device (PC) ?
    What happens if you de activate the DNS blocker on pfSense ?

    You manually edited the DNS config of pfSEnse ( and are not default). What else did you change ?

  • @Gertjan Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! It was a DNS blocker.

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