Thank you Netgate

  • Hi Netgate et al.

    I'm a lurker, long time engineer, self proclaimed geek.

    Your software is awesome, your book is awesome, and while I haven't required official support so far, I most definitely appreciate what you have been giving to us as an essentially free of charge / open source OS for more than a decade now. I haven't yet expressed these sentiments, but you deserve it, so here it is. Yeah, you haven't made a dime off of me, so y'all can be as snarky as you want (after reading some pebcak issues on /r/pfsense, it seems some are trying to hurt the reputation) but here's what I want to give back to you
    .. just a simple thank you. For the excellence of your product, for your commitment to the "community edition", and for your no bullshit approach to support, thank you, from the bottom of my geeky heart.

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