Can't get ip from pfsense dhcp

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to inprove the security on my network by using specific wifi for guests.

    I just bougth some wifi access points (TP LINK EAP225) and create 2 SSID :
    One for my colleage and another one for guests.

    My wish is to separate wifi guest and the other one. So i created 2 VLAN (10 for my work and 30 for guest.

    I setup the ports on my switch with good ocnfiguration and a dhcp on my pfsense to give specifics ip to guest.
    But it doesn't work and i don't know why.

    My data network correctly works, my workstation using internet, printer ... on my network.

    But i think something is missing on my guest configuration because i don't get ip from pfsense (dhcp) and i don't know what. Could you give me help please ?
    Thanks a lot and have a good day.

    I put my configuration in attachment.
    vlan configuration pfsense.JPG rules configuration pfsense.JPG network presentation.JPG interfaces configuration pfsense.JPG interfaces 2 configuration pfsense.JPG dhcp configuration pfsense.JPG

  • You don't get a IP address from VLAN 10 and VLAN 30 ?

    What happens if you plug a PC directly into the LAN port the AP is conected to.

    BTW RealTek LAN ports aren't the most reliable.

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