Good guides for modifying RIP properties on PfSense

  • Hello,
      Is there a good guide out there as to how to modifying the behavior of the dynamic routing engine in PfSense? Is all of this info in the ROUTED file in the file system?

    My goal is to further tweak dynamic routing advertisements between two pfsense firewalls with an openvpn tunnel running in between so I can get routing updates for all subnets in each office.

    Is there a more user friendly routing package available?


  • Ok, I found the documentation for ROUTED so I believe I have what I need to continue. One thing I'm finding is that the syntax is different from the other RIP protocol syntax I'm used to. So here is another question:

    Is there a way to redistribute static routes in ROUTED syntax? Will ROUTED advertise routes across the tun0 interface when an openvpn site to site link is running?


  • Naturally it isn't this easy.. I made changes to the GATEWAYS file in the /etc directory and once I enable RIPv2 on the pfsense firewall, it overwrites the GATEWAYS file I had just modified undoing the changes I made to the file.. Am I not modifying the rip commands in the correct place?

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