Multi-wan routing not failing back

  • I have two outbound routes in a gateway group. Tier1 is a WISP (fast but unreliable) and Tier2 is ADSL (slow but always there). Recently if the WISP route is marked as down, usually because of packet loss, and routing moves to the tier2 option, when the WISP comes back routing does not return to the tier1 gateway, even though it's marked as online.

    I can't see any indication of the problem from pfsense itself. I only know it isn't working because users complain their internet access is slow again.

    In fact everything looks fine.

    Going into the gateway group and re-applying makes it all work again.

    I don't think this problem existed before 2.4.4-RELEASE-p2
    PF sense arm edition running on a Netgate SG-3100

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