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    I have this same question that was posted in another topic some time ago.
    The option
    "Disable DNS Forwarder" option under System > General Setup > DNS Server Settings.
    Its description references DNS resolver as well as forwarder.
    The help page does not reference DNS resolver.
    "Do not use the DNS Forwarder as a DNS server for the firewall: By default the firewall itself will also use the DNS Forwarder. This is faster, more robust, and less likely to fail. If the DNS Forwarder is disabled, this should be checked to prevent the firewall from attempting to use the DNS Forwarder for its own DNS."

    My question is: Should i have this box checked if i am using DNS resolver?

  • If you want pfSense to resolve DNS requests from your LAN hosts then leave this unchecked.

  • Hi,
    You should considering checking the very last option : Login hostname - Show hostname on login banner

    All the rest is for those who what an quick initiation in "how to break good working DNS" ^^

  • thanks.
    Leaving it unchecked....

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