DHCPv6 Server not working

  • Hallo,

    i am using the pfSense with a FritzBox as a VDSL modem.

    I got a /60 block from my ISP. On my FritzBox i am using the following settings:
    That means, that i am delegating a subnet to my pfsense.

    The pfsense itself gets an ipv6 address on the WAN side, using the following configuaration:

    Am i using the wrong prefix delegatoin size?

    On the DHCPv6 server i am using the following settings:


    Which settings are wrong? Maybe i am using some wrong sizes?

    With RA ipv6 was working.

  • On the second screenshot change that prefix delegation size from 61 to 64.

    That isnt the issue at hand tho.

    You need to enable tracking.

    So on LAN interface set the following.

    Ipv6 configuration type - tracking
    Then in track ipv6 interface box configure ipv6 interface to WAN.
    In ipv6 prefix id can leave at 0 or change to another value of your choosing if dont want to use first useable prefix.

    This should then populate the ipv6 range in the dhcpv6 server page which for you is currently blank as you have no lan side ipv6 subnet.

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