Replace Cisco Router Advice

  • Howdy,

    This is our current setup:

    As you can see this isn't the correct setup. Traffic comes in from the Cisco but leaves out of That traffic gets blocked cause its not LAN IP's creating the traffic. So the only solution I find viable is to place a pfSense box between Cisco and internal network. I need a little guidance/advice on if this the correct way to fix the issue.

    Here is what I'm hoping to accomplish:

  • Two firewalls? You're making this overly complex. Why not just put the Cisco off one interface, the DSL routers off two more on your firewall. Add a DMZ and bridge to WAN if you don't want to re-address the servers, otherwise change them to 10.x addresses and use port-forwards or 1-1 NAT. Something like this cheesy cocktail napkin sketch here.

  • I was wanting to do something like that but I can't recall why I didn't… But in the meantime I managed to successfully put a pfSense box between Cisco and LAN. Once again pfSense saves the day to make everything simpler.

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