SG-3100 Power Failure

  • What is the out of the box behavior of the SG-3100 when the power fails? I am thinking of putting one of these in location where there will not be a UPS and there are occasional power outages. I am hoping it will behave like a commodity router and restart once power is restored without issues.

    Is it "somewhat" resilient to not being shutdown properly? As I understand it this is setup using UFS. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

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    Power fails will crash the Filesystem very easy sooner or later, happened to me with one of my SG-3100.
    You definitely need to care about a proper shutdown, worst case buy a small and cheap UPS just for your SG-3100.


  • Thanks. I was afraid of that. I'll figure something out.

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    The only thing you can do here to make it less likely is to move /var and /tmp to RAM drives. Most of the filesystem writes are to those so by not writing to the flash it's significantly less likely to be writing there when the power fails.
    That's how I have my test 3100 configured here and I pull the power on that all the time and have yet to see a filesystem issue. But don't do that! 😉


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