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  • I want to limit the time on pfeSense. After connecting the user, take 40 Mbps connection for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes you get 10 Mpbs in speed.
    Do you have a case?

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    What would be the use case for such a thing?

  • We want to set speed limits for users

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    Then do that... what is the use case of giving them 40mbps for only 2 min? And then cutting them to 1/4 of the speed.. If you want them to have 10mbps then limit them to 10mbps.

  • For the convenience of users . Bandwidth is not in very good condition

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    What? What is the point of giving them 40mbps for 2 minutes if your bandwidth is crap? Just give them the 10mbps out of the gate!

    I am not aware of way to do what you want.. Should prob move this thread to the traffic shaping section to be honest..

    edit: Moved to traffic shaping section - maybe the folks there might have some idea how to accomplish what your after.

  • Since our colleagues' business is ALL about internet we felt the urge of giving them the feeling of using the whole bandwidth for a specific time. The time which falls under a standard web page load time.
    I hope this explanation is satisfying for you.

    Thank you for your considerations.

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    heheh - yeah makes no sense at all.. Good luck with your quest.. I don't think what your after is currently possible... But the traffic shaping guru's might have some tricks up their sleeves - good luck.

  • We're going to need more specifics as to what you are trying to accomplish exactly and why. Are you trying to make sure that other users aren't starved of bandwidth?

  • @johnpoz It looks to me like he's trying to reproduce the burst feature that some ISPs use, where you get higher bandwidth for a short period of time before it settles down. This gives the illusion of faster internet when they're fetching small items like objects from a web page, but it throttles it down when they start downloading larger items like ISOs and torrents. I think this can be accomplished using the HFSC shaper with an m1 burst parameter. Usually m1 is measured in seconds, not minutes.

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    Such a limit would be per session, ie connection not when user connects their device.

    Such throttling could be useful when your the ISP and use has limit of their physical connection anyway.. But don't see how it works out when your at the end site... Giving all users 40Mbps when your limited to 40 max, doesn't work out so good when all your users are connecting to sites all the time... 100 users all getting full pipe doesn't work even if only for a short time..

  • Yeah, that's why I was asking about the OP's use case / intended goals. Seems like putting per IP limits or using weighted queues for bandwidth guarantees might be a potential option if the goal is not to starve the rest of the user pool of bandwidth.

  • When you have bandwidth problems I suggest you to deal with that instead of shaping your coleagues… Just find a way to get more speed and you will be happy along with them :)

  • Probably better to just configure it with the method explained in this thread:

    That's as fair sharing as it gets.

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