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  • Hi all, I've had my SG3100 running for quite a while now and I'm very happy with it, I've got about 10 vlans for various networks in the house and there is a wireless access point that currently drops the users / devices in the correct network when they connect to that SSID.

    I want to put a Cisco switch in as I'm using a few more physical ports now but I'm having all kinds of issues. Traditionally I've been running Cisco / Palo firewalls where we use sub interfaces, let the switch handle all the Layer 2 stuff and push all the traffic up to the firewall which is a layer 3 device acting as the gateway for each vlan. I'm stuck with the pfsense - is it possible to set up sub interfaces (I've been googling for a while but can't find anything solid), if not, should I enable 802.1q mode?

    The switch config is fine, the port between the switch and the SG3100 is configured as a trunk, any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Which port on the 3100 is the Cisco switch connected to? If it's the OPT port you can just create VLANs on that interface in pfSense and it will see the tagged traffic coming in on those. You can assign them as new interfaces etc.

    If it's connected to one of the LAN ports then, yes, you would need to set the internal switch to .1q mode and trunk those incoming VLANs on the external and internal ports. Then you can add vlan interfaces on the internal port.

    This may help:


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