Default route disappears on simple Multi Wan configuration

  • Running 2.4.4-RELEASE-p2 (amd64)

    There are two WANs in a Gateway Group configured for failover (member down).: interface WAN is Tier 1 and interface WAN_Failover is Tier 2.

    There is no Load Balancing or Traffic Shaping defined in this box.

    For each of these WAN, I can ping using the Diagnostics page, I can reach each ISP DNS servers, and the monitored IPs in the Gateway Group are always reachable.

    When the WAN interface goes down, the default route disappear from the routing table.

    Note: I am aware of Bug #9284 which is classified as a duplicate of Bug #9404. On RELEASE-p2, the patch manager says can be installed cleanly but not uninstalled. Further, this patch seems to apply on system start-up only, not during normal operations.

    Should I apply this patch to RELEASE-p2 ?

    Is there another patch to apply to restore the default gateway whenever the box goes up or down a tier in the Gateway Group ? I can't seem to find anything related to Gateway selection during normal operations.


  • @SergeCaron (Sheepish grin) I figured out the "cannot uninstall cleanly" caution in Patch Manager. I installed the patch and Patch Manager happily reports it can be uninstalled cleanly.

    Unfortunately, I can no longer reproduce the disapearing Gateway issue: even if I force a complete disconnect of Tier 1, the Gateway Group does not switch to Tier 2.

    So, I will close this issue for now.