DHCP Timouts

  • I have ubiquiti APs that shows DHCP & WPA Auth timeouts. The affect is seen by clients trying to connect to the wifi network resulting in not being able to connect (ie: either not associate to the AP or waite too long to get an IP from the DHCP server.


    The AP is connected to the same subnet as the pfsense and there's no lag in the connectivity between the AP & the pfSense. I can ping with large packet sizes with any packets getting dropped.

    One of the things I noticed in the dhcpd.log is that HUP signal is sent everytime a DHCP related events occur (e.g: discover, ack, etc.): dhcpleases: Sending HUP signal to dns daemon(58503) But the dns daemon restarting everytime when a dhcp lease event occurs should not affect the dhcp server performance. So, then the question remains why are there dhcp timeouts and separately the AP association errors (which is the Ubiquiti issue).


  • What kind of network switches do you have connecting all of this together? A quick back-of-napkin sketch of your network layout might also be helpful for us.


  • @akuma1x great idea! I'll rig one up

  • Can you add some network addresses and ranges to your diagram?

    For example - or something similar?


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