Android private dns

    Is it normal that phone configured with a private dns hostname does not work with pfsense using dns resolver?
    It just says Ready to connect when network quality improves and keeps using 4g..

    shouldn't it be possible to use host overwrite in dns resolver to let it use pfsense instead ?

  • @neo387

    My Android devices work fine with my DNS on pfSense. I have DHCP configured to provide a consistent IPv4 address, which the DNS points to. It also points to the IPv6 address, which is obtained with SLAAC.

  • I think your talking about normal dns? Private dns is android 9 version only

    You can input host name for example (ip address not allowed) and then it uses this instead of dns provided by 4g/wifi dhcp..

  • Opening new topic, about redirecting dns over tsl to pfsense, this can be be closed/deleted

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