Port 443 suddendly stopped by the firewall

  • I am having an issue I can't work out what is happening. I have port 443 redirected through a NAT Portforward rule to my exchange server. This was working fine both internal on the LAN side and external on the WAN side.

    Suddenly it has stopped working on the WAN side. Internal on the LAN net I can connect to the exchange OWA and read mail. My iPhone works as well while connected on the wireless which is on the LAN network. I also have port 25 for SMTP forwarded as well and no issues with that.

    Strange thing is when I VPN in using OpenVPN it also will not see OWA on port 443 or in fact anything on 443. I can RDP in to the machine fine so the link is no issue.

    I have triple checked the port forward and it looks okay. There are no other rules that I can see that affect 443. I have disabled pfBlockerNG and HA Proxy (only looking at port 80) and still can't get through.

    I am at a loss as to where to look next. There are no floating rules

    Port Forward.JPG


  • Okay I ran out of ideas so I grabbed a backup of the config file from before I installed HAProxy and ACME and restored it.

    Access is again granted to port 443. I will have to assume it was HAProxy but I only had set it up for port 80 and it was working. I was starting to work on 443 but everything for those backends and frontend was disabled. Also I completely disabled HAProxy and no difference.

    Oh well. I will just start again with ACME and HAProxy and see what happens

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