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  • I have IMspector working ok, pfsense (1.2.2) system logs says that logging is success to mysql server, and everything is fine.
    My question is more mysql related, so where I find imspector sniffed MSN messages from mysql database?

    I have phpMyadmin v3.1.3 installed to my bsd-server, and it seems to be also ok. I can see all kind of information from IMspector, and other databases I have there,  but where is the MSN conversations (texts)?

  • Probably in the eventdata column.


  • In the eventdata field was;
    type "blob"
    addributes "binary"
    null "none"
    default "none"

    nothing sensible text to me..

  • I haven't tried using the mysql logging personally, but the event data field probably isn't in plaintext.  I would bet it's base64 encoded, if you can post an example entry here, I could probably decipher it - or just troll through the imspector mysql plugin source ;-P


  • You are maybe right, but what's the point to use mySQL for IMspector anyway, if the loggings of the conversations are crypted at the MySql. Hope to get "log clear" option soon to IMspector (like at the Smoothwall was).

  • Hi everyone.. i want to say thks to pfsense creator is a really a great firewall.
    I want to contribute a little php script that i made.
    This php scritp is a web-interfaz to see the messages logs in mysql for imspector

    imspectorphp V1.0
    Its include…
    a login page (the user y and password is user:admin password:admin) you can change it.
    a search engine to find word keys in the messages
    shows 12 results by page

    I release this v1.0 because i want you can help me to see the bugs in the php script..
    and you can help me to get it better.

    thks for reading…


    lalocespedes (darkfeelings)

    Only one little problem.. It is in spanish.. because im proudly mexican..
    But very soon i have it in english im working on it..

    How to install?

    1. Run the sql file imspector.sql in your mysql server.
    2. Unrar the imspectorphp.rar file
    3. Copy the content folder in your webserver.
    4. Have fun....

    Any questions, greatings, beers send me to my email

    download here


    Hola a todos quiero dar las gracias al creador del pfsense es un gran muro de fuego a mi me ha ayudado bastante y he aprendido mucho en este foro.
    Quiero contribuir con algo pequeño lo mucho q he aprendido, he escrito un php script que es una interfaz web para que podamos ver las conversaciones capturadas en imspector por mysql.

    imspectorphp V1.0
    Una pagina de login (el usuario y password is user:admin password:admin) lo puedes cambiar.
    Un buscador para encontrar palabras claves dentro de las conversaciones
    y el scrip muestras 12 resultados por pagina

    Quiero darles a conocer esta version 1.0 para que me ayuden a ver los errores en esta version y asi me puedan ayudar a tenerlo mejor.
    Gracias por tu lectura y espero que les ayude mucho


    lalocespedes (darkfeelings)

    Como lo instalo?

    1. Ejecuta el archivo sql imspector.sql en tu servidor mysql
    2. Descomprime el imspectorphp.rar
    3. Copia el contenido de la carpeta en tu servidor web.
    4. Ahora si a divertirse!!!!!….

    Cualquier duda, felicitaciones, envio de cervezas por favor enviamelas a mi correo

    Bajalo de aqui

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