Single WAN + Multi LAN

  • Hi,
    i am new to pfSense and i am having trouble setting up.
    i have 3 Ethernet Ports on my PC and i want to use it in such a scenario -

    1. Port 1 will be the WAN interface
    2. Port 2 will be LAN (DHCP but no VPN)
    3. Port 3 will be also LAN (DHCP but with VPN)

    *Note i already have purchased NordVPN service and i will configure that.

    Also i want to port forward (port 80 and 32400) on Port 3.

    Please help ??

  • @nirvanasinha

    Just to make things clear, you aren't going to install pfsense on YOUR pc but on A pc?

    What you want to do is simple, install pfsense, follow the wizard and the official documentation.

    As for VPN, I'm no reference, I know nothing about it.

    What have you tried so far? What's your problem?

  • What are your LAN subnets?

    Does your WAN have a public address or is it behind another router?

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