DHCP server assigning duplicate IPs

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    We are using pfsense 2.1 release as recommended ( due to dependencies, we are planning to upgrade to newer version very soon) with DHCP enabled and recently we been seeing that DHCP server is assigning duplicate IPs to VMs ( pfsense ). 150 IPs are in pool and 142 have been used so far. I'm running out of ideas please help me resolve this issue.


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    @ynandana said in DHCP server assigning duplicate IPs:

    please help me resolve this issue.

    When your current - come back... Running a version so old isn't going to get any help.. It came out in 2013, shoot even the last version in 2.1 which was 2.1.5 was 2014..

    You would be better off describing these " dependencies" you believe you have that keeps you on such a old version - who "recommended" you stay on such a version... I have a really hard time even contemplating netgate would suggest such a thing..

    So you we could discuss solutions to your "dependency" problem.

  • Sorry for the delay but Thank you for the reply, could you please point me to stable version?

    We are using automation, Quali, its compatible with pfsense 2.1. Unless we upgrade Quali, we can't go with pfsense. if you could kindly provide a stable version, I can talk Quali guys and make it work.

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