Need advice.. SG3100 or SG5100

  • Good day,

    I actually have 7x SG-2220 for all the store I manage and they are working fine.

    I notice that the maximum throughput (from lan to wan, with nat) is about 400 mbits

    Which model can support up to 1gbits ? The SG-3100 or the SG-5100 ?


  • Netgate Administrator

    The SG-3100 can do at or close to Gigabit speeds in most situations I have seen. The SG-5100 will easily pass Gigabit.

    If you need to run heavy packages etc or anything else that might use significant CPU and pass 1 Gbps at the same time I would go for the SG-5100.


  • I forgot to add, I will have 2 vlan on the wan and 2 on the lan side, using IGMP (for IPTV), and 9 ipsec tunnels...

    so, SG-5100 ?

  • Netgate Administrator

    With 9 VPN tunnels then, yes, if you need to pass 1Gbps traffic with some reasonable percentage of it encrypted.

    The SG-3100 is quite fast for IPSec because of it's crypto hardware but it won't pass the remaining traffic unencrypted to 1Gbps.


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