Multiple VPN tunnels to appear as if device is from another country

    • About 8 computers on a LAN

    • A subscription to an anonymous VPN tunneling service that has nodes in multiple countries and multiple states in the US.

    • pfSense

    Can anyone confirm that it is possible to setup pfSense such that Computer N always routes traffic on a VPN tunnel so it appears from the Internet to be coming from Country X, Computer N+1 appears to be from Country Y, and so on. In a nut shell, I'd have to make sure the VPN connection that is subscribed to allows for multiple simultaneous connections and then put each computer on it's own VLAN and define multiple gateways with pfSense. Is that roughly correct?


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Yes you could policy route computers on your network out any vpn connection you have... The limit would be to the number of vpn connections your hardware and connection could handle.

    This is all pretty simple stuff with simple policy routing, your computers don't even need to be on different vlans to do this.. They could all just be in lan, just policy route based upon their IP.

    Only caveat could be if this vpn service you subscribe to or use, limits the number of connections you can have at the same time.. Its possible vpn service X does not allow you to connect to multiple nodes at the same time, etc.. But you could just use different vpn services.

  • thanks! I appreciate your input/help.

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