Routing issue

  • Hey guys,
    I am new to pfsense firewalls.
    We have a netgate XG-7100 1U Firewall Appliance. I need to connect 4 servers on this firewall.
    Our schema:
    We have a /29 public network: -pfsense firewall and web interface on port xxxx the gateway. to be assigned to the servers.

    Internal network :

    Server1: -> external IP
    Server2 -> external IP

    Created the NAT rules, I can connect to server1 via RDP, no prob
    I can connect to server2 via SSH, no prob

    I have a service runnning on port 8080, I cannot connect to it from Internet, the redirect rule exist from .28 to .110
    If I try to connect to from browser, I am redirected to the pfsense netgate firewall web interface.

    Can you please help me on this?
    Thanks in advance.

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