Convert pfSense from virtual machine to physcial machine

  • Hi guys,
    I have pfSense server, it's running in VMWare environment. I have installed some packages, configured some features. I want to convert the VM into ISO file or something like this to install in some physical machines. It's about 70 physical machines.
    Do you guys have any solution for this?
    Note: The physcial machines don't have internet access.

  • Hi,

    @Jungtv said in Convert pfSense from virtual machine to physcial machine:

    t 70 physical machines .... don't have internet access ...

    You could check with VMware how to clone the disk space.
    This way everything will be copied over, packages included.

    The basic idea of pfSense is : save the config file, and import it on another device
    But it will be not a 100 % pure "sit back and watch" experience : the network interfaces will probably be using other drivers, so other interface names. You have to re do that part of the setup for sure.

    Install a Ethernet router, not connected to the Internet is still like construction a swimming pool without any water in the neighbourhood. The question has been asked many times before, and I guess it's possible to preload the package files. It boils down to : are you a real FreeBSD expert ?

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