• Hi,

    I am new and learning about pfSense. I have a issue where I am unable to transfer files(30Gb-40Gb) across diff VMs on same subnet.

    I am using pfSense v 2.4.4 installed on Dell R200 physical server.

    I have a cisco 3560 8port swicth between pfSense and VMs.

    Whenever I start transfer it runs well for 1gb or so but later drops the network for that vm(vm disconnects from network) but all the other devices remains unaffected.

    So far I have changed Ethernet cables and fresh installed pfsense, connected a different switch but still not able to pin point where the issue is.

    Any assistance will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi,

    Swapping cables should be the second choice. If cables are bad, you would see massive errors :


    The first choice is : remove a couple of billion software lines first : remove the "VM part" for you setup.
    That way you discover that the setup of the virtual network cards might some retouching - the subject isn't unknown in this forum : people speak about "switching of network hardware offloading" etc.
    Start by looking here : the right section : Home / pfSense® Software / Virtualization.

  • thank you for quick response. I am going to look through link you provided.
    At the moment doesn't look like issue with the cable

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    @homikaushal said in Data Transfer:

    I have a cisco 3560 8port swicth between pfSense and VMs.

    What is the exact switch model number ?

    IIRC some of the range are 10/100.