Pre-shared Keys, IPSec and Windows

  • I've just crossed the last hurtle in a three day effort to set up pfSense, IPSec, and Windows 10 native IPSec.

    The last issue I ran into was that I kept getting a Windows Security dialog saying my user name or password is incorrect.

    The issue was that I used the pfSense user dialog to set up a "IPsec Pre-Shared Key". This apparently creates key type of PSK (at least according to IPSec/Pre-Shared Keys. According to, I need to set up a Secret Type of EAP.

    In the end, I had to set up a separate EAP pre-shared key with the users email address and password. This is going to be interesting to maintain logistically.

    Is there a requirement that EAP use "either an IP address, fully qualified domain name or an e-mail address"?
    Why is it a requirement that we use EAP vs PSK keys. Is this due to using EAP-MSChapv2?
    Can the User dialog be changed to create either a EAP or PSK key?

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