Pfsense with Active directory

  • I have a pfsense connected with a WIN 2019 server running AD.

    Pfsense is configured with rules allowing all traffic on all interfaces at this moment for testing purposes. Its also configured with DHCP relay.

    This is how my network is set upp. But im having problems joining client 1 to the domain. Client 1 gets DHCP from Win server but cannot find Domain.

    Client 1 is in the same network as Win server, Client 1 can join the domain.
    Both network 172 and 192 is configured the same on WIN server.

    Could it be a pfsense issue thats stopping my client 2 from finding the Domain?

    Thanks for any insight.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    not in an any rule setup.. Where are you pointing the client to for dns.. Should be your AD server... Where you could have a problem is your AD allowing the different segment... Did you setup the 192.168.10 in AD?

    same on WIN server.

    That clearly is NOT needed..

    You validated that your client can ping your AD box... And do dns queries to it, for your AD domain - the SOA for your AD domain for example. Out of the box windows firewall would block un local segments, etc.

  • Figured it out after you suggested the ping test, turns out i had not specified the gateway in the Windows dhcp scope.... So rookie mistake.


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