New to PfSense need some help connecting a /28 over a single network cable

  • Need some help, I'm new to Pfsense and want to setup the ability to split multiple public Ip’s off a single ethernet line. I have a “/28” and want to run it into the Pfsence box with one cable and then run separate cables out for each unique subnet. Each subnet is going to get it’s own public IP. I'm cool with concepts of Vlans, and can work my way through the Switch side of things for the Vlan but not sure how to do this in Pfsense. On top of that we have a Backup server that will need to access ALL of the subnets…but I think that a rotuer thing.
    Big thing I need to get working is to connect the 14 IPS off of one cable to Pfsense. Then to Nat them and port forward part of each public IP to the subnet. One subnet will need 2 public IP’s
    Diagram attached to make things easier, IP addresses have been changed to protect the network.

    Thanks in advance.

  • You need to setup Virtual IP Addresses on your pfsense box.

    It's located under Firewall -> Virtual IPs. Here's a video with some additional instructions/information:

    Youtube Video


  • Excellent video !!!
    have watched it and will do the implementation tomorrow
    can you PM me for further guidance?
    willing to pay to get some questions answered.

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