2 LAN 2 WAN ip NAT problem

  • Hi there,

    I have 2 LAN and 2 WAN on my pfsense FW, blow is my network infrastructure…

    59.x.x.1\                                 /
                 wan -----pfsense-----
    59.x.x.2/(CARP)                        \

    I can NAT NAT to 59.x.x.1 and 59.x.x.2(AON), but NAT to 59.x.x.1 or 59.x.x.2 is not ok.
    Can anyone help me ?

  • What does (CARP) mean on you diagram? CARP is used between two (or more) firewalls but not between two interfaces on the same firewall.
    If we forget about CARP… do you gave a rule on OPT1 allowing traffic from OPT1 subnet to Internet?

  • Hi Eugene,

    CART is just an alias IP on my pfsense FW.
    I tried both Proxy ARP and CART as VIPs but still doesn't work.
    Yes, I created the rule from OPT1 subnet to internet allow on OPT interface.

  • Oh, sorry.. I thought you had two wan interfaces as you poseted this message in this Forum. ProxyARP should work in your case.
    can you show you rules ot OPT1 interface and NAT page?

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