How to control fans on XG7100?

  • Not sure what is a standard temperature for XG7100 however mine is running on average around 70+-2C:

    $ sysctl dev.cpu | grep temperature
    dev.cpu.3.temperature: 68.0C
    dev.cpu.2.temperature: 68.0C
    dev.cpu.1.temperature: 69.0C
    dev.cpu.0.temperature: 68.0C

    Noticed that the 2 fans in the unit barely turn on and most of the time stay off. Since that temperature seems a little high to me wanted to change the temperature threshold to start fans earlier. As per and other posts trying to see if I can control the fan speed from pfsense:

    $ sysctl hw.acpi.thermal
    sysctl: unknown oid 'hw.acpi.thermal'

    Seems like pfsense cannot manage fan speed directly or at least from my finding so far.

    Wondering if anybody would have any additional insights into the CPU temperature of XG7100 and how fans can be controlled. Perhaps 70C is expected temperature? If not any suggestions how to proceed?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Hmm, that's quite a bit warmer than normal. Is it in a particularly hot environment?

    You should open a ticket with us to investigate that:


  • Would not say its a hot environment. Maybe 70-75F or so. Filing support ticket as requested. Thanks

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