NET-SNMP command syntax to connect to FTP not TFTP !

  • I was using successfully snmpset command from NET-SNMP tool set:
    snmpset -v 1 -c community 10.x.x.x. . i 1 [1 stands for FTP protocol, 2 - for FTP]
    snmpset -v 1 -c community 10.x.x.x. . i 4
    snmpset -v 1 -c community 10.x.x.x. . i 1
    snmpset -v 1 -c community 10.x.x.x. . i a [and here is a tricky one!!!
    for TFTP server here should be just an IP address; however, for FTP transfer I need to supply user:password@IP/path.statement. What is the correct syntax for this? Whatever combination I tried it did not work.

    I would greatly appreciate any input on this problem. All the literature I searched so far provides examples for TFTP transfers only! None with FTP ! Yet, NET-SNMP tool clearly gives the options for TFTP, FTP, SCP, etc...

    Thank you in advance.

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    @adarovsky said in NET-SNMP command syntax to connect to FTP not TFTP !:


    where did you get the idea that this would work pfsense?

  • Here is the instruction from NET-SNMP: i 1

    ccCopyProtocol: The protocol file transfer protocol that should be used to copy the configuration file over the network. If the config file transfer is to occur locally on the SNMP agent, the method of transfer is left up to the implementation, and is not restricted to the protocols below. The object can be:

    It works for me when i use option 1 (tftp). Why, then, there are 4 more options, if I couln't use them?!

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    And where does pfsense documentation state that is working on pfsense?

    you can do that to cisco, but like cisco doesn't have ftp enabled as option, etc.

    So not sure why you think you can do this with pfsense..

    That package to add net-smnp is pretty new, pretty sure that @jimp baby..

  • It doesn't. But it also does not make an implicit statement that it works only with option 1. They just provide the list of options for selection.
    Probably I read it wrong.
    Bad luck for me, then...


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    I flagged jimp to this thread... He is the developer on that if not mistaken.. There is not really a lot of info on it that I have seen.

    I just don't think what your looking to do is really used anywhere to be honest..

  • the situation is changing in the field...
    IOS images grows, config file grows - TFTP's getting too slow to catch up...Besides, security is getting into the picture, so SFTP is on the next run...


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