Traffic Shaping Wizard Error

  • Hello Forum,

    i am using the 2.4.4_P2 and getting the following error in the traffic shaping wizard. "This firewall does not have any LAN-type interfaces assigned that are capable of using ALTQ traffic shaping." I had the shaper configured and running before. I had to remove it due to troubleshooting. I deleted it from the Traffic Shaper menu and removed all my custom rules. When trying to run the wizard now i am getting this error. I am using a ZOTAC CI327 hardware box.

    Any ideas?

  • Fortunately i found the problem by accident :)
    As my shaper config did not work i started to work on my ipv6 config. After finishing the LAN config i tried the shaper once more due to another post i found on reddit and it worked. If you hitting the same problem check your IPv6 config on your lan interface. This solved my problem.

    Sorry for the post a mod may delete it or keep it for helping people hitting this issue.

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